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  • Tribute to My Dad: Jerry Wayne Malin
    After nearly 20 years of fighting Parkinson’s, Sunday April 25, 2021 my dad graduated to his home in heaven. While Parkinson’s took his life on this side of heaven, it only served to deliver him to his abundant and victorious life in the presence of his Savior, Jesus. He lives now like he’s never lived before
  • Why Does the World Keep Spinning?
    The presence of our loved ones is often taken for granted until they pass from our presence. I grieve mine and my families loss, but I do not grieve without a confident expectation that we will spend eternity together in the presence of Jesus.
  • Election Controversy?
    Election controversy is nothing new. Whether we’re talking about political elections or biblical election we’re bound to run into controversy. In today’s post I want to deal with a few objections that typically come up when we’re considering the biblical doctrine of divine election.
  • The Good Shepherd Satisfies
    The Lord is…He is existent, present, aware, all-knowing, ever-present, always caring, an endless sources of power, sustainer, life-giver, faithful, loving, gracious, kind, protector, shield, rock, fortress, strong tower…READ ON
  • Missions: To Those Who Stay “Home”
    There are those who board the ship and go to distant and unfamiliar places and there are those who return home and advance the good news in the familiarity of family and community. Most people relate to those who return home and somehow we feel less important than the few who board the ship and go to the unfamiliar. However those who board the ship are strengthened and spurred on by…READ ON
  • The Purpose of Divine Election
    Since the Father loved us before He created the world, then it is our pleasure to “love not the world, neither the things that are in the world.” We hold in highest esteem the Father and His love. We give our lives to Him as the undeserving recipients of an amazing grace that surpasses all our understanding. We give our affections to Him. “We love Him because He first loved us.” But why? Why did the Father find pleasure in electing His chosen ones and in doing so set His affections on them?
  • Streams
    The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love. Psalm 103:8
  • Why Election Matters
    Why is the doctrine of divine election so important for the believer to understand and embrace? What are the implications for the believer being elected in Christ Jesus? Read on to learn more…
  • Election: The First Decree of Blessing
    God the Father’s free and sovereign choice of Jesus in eternity past has vast implication for every believer. Every spiritual blessing given to us is bound up in this first choice by the Father to send the Son. What does it mean for us that the Father first elected the Son?
  • The Blessings of Fellowship with God
    The grand invitation of God through Jesus Christ to the world is an invitation for any who will come through faith to enter into the communion and fellowship between God the Father and God the Son. Any blessing or praise we give to the Lord begins at this marker: communion with God through faith in the Son of God. Will you enter into this fellowship, freely receive of every spiritual blessing, and in turn bless His holy name?