The Good Shepherd Satisfies

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." Psalm 23:1

The Lord is…He is existent, present, aware, all-knowing, ever-present, always caring, an endless sources of power, sustainer, life-giver, faithful, loving, gracious, kind, protector, shield, rock, fortress, strong tower…the Lord is all of these and more.

The Lord is my shepherd…a faithful shepherd, a kind shepherd, a caring shepherd, a loving shepherd. He tends his sheep. He leads his sheep. He disciplines his sheep. He teaches his sheep. He guides his sheep. He runs after his sheep. He loves his sheep. He guards and protects his sheep.

I am his sheep. I am prone to wander. I am in need of protection. I am in need of his love and care. I am in danger from wolves. I am dependent on my shepherd. I am dumb. I need his teaching. I am prone to get lost. I am useful under his loving and watchful leading. I am in need of his constant provision. I have to have his daily and moment-by-moment watchful care. I need his power. I need his correction. I trust my shepherd. He will not fail me.

I shall not want…he is my faithful provider. He meets, rather exceeds my desires. My desires are fulfilled in him and by him. He is my satisfaction. Though I may seek satisfaction in other people, things, places, the Lord is the only true satisfaction of my heart and longings.

This may all seem like too much to put on the Lord. Indeed, it is always too much to put on any human. But he is not just any other. He is the Lord of Glory. It is NOT too much for him.

Father, thank you for being a loving Father and for sending my chief shepherd, Jesus, to care for me as my shepherd. I acknowledge fully my waywardness and proneness to wander from the fold. I acknowledge my ignorance and lack of power, especially to lead my own life and to protect my own life. I need a great and faithful shepherd and alas, I have one. His name is wonderful, counselor, everlasting father. He is my guide and my fortress. I need him today. Although he has no inherent need of me, he still gave his life for me and he is ever present on this day. Thank you Father. I pray you will forgive me this day through him. Amen.

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