The Gospel

The crux of our eternity rests upon our desperate need for a Savior and our inability to be that rescuer. Our lives are spent searching for something, anything, to fill a God-sized hole in our hearts. In our sinfulness, we turned from God. In His love, He still pursued us.

You can find hope and salvation today no matter where you are, or what you’ve done. Grace reaches the farthest one. Please, explore the verses listed below, watch the short video, and reach out if you would like to discuss. You are loved!

Three Core Tenants

God is Creator & full of love

Colossians 1:16; I John 4:16

We are sinful & need a Savior

Romans 3:23; Romans 5:8

He has given us Salvation through His sacrifice

John 3:16

Click to watch an illustration of what the Gospel is.

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